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SNC10955 1 Balcony design varies on area required.

  • Small balconies which enable up to 2 persons can usually just be fixed to the outside wall.
  • Larger areas need some form of support. this is either achieved by using Vertical Posts or can be cantilevered into the main structure of the building during construction.

Handrail Choices

See some of our samples below


Handrails  Hnadrail Corners  48.3 Chs  Timber Handrail 

Infill Choices

See some samples below

 11092008114210737418235 Scroll Baluster  Nose Baluster  Glass Balustrade  Clip on Panel 

Flooring Choices

Cheq Plate  Perf Metal   Timber Decking

 Finishes include a choice of either:

  • Primer Coat
  • Hot Dip Galvanised
  • Powder Coated & Galvanised

How to Measure

Measuring up for your Balcony is simple. There are just 4 easy steps you need to carry out before calling to get a quote.

  • Measure dimension 'a'
  • Measure dimension 'b'
  • Measure dimension 'c'
  • Assess the walls noting of any obstructions eg, Drain Pipes.


Balcony Diagram







 Dimensions are purely for quotation purposes. On Site Dimensions will be taken by a member of staff once order has been confirmed.